Corkscrew - Suffer No More

by Work Ethic Records

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released February 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Work Ethic Records Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Corkscrew - Intro
Suffer No More
Track Name: Suffer No More
This is the end, for you my friend
You have never been beside of me when you speak
Pushing judgments too far
Far enough to even see
Only you can fucking express
Utter your condones to someone else

The standards for this cycle, you're just all the fucking same
Corresponding, we all have to place the absences
The overlook to claim
Fidelity we are the ones to slither

Looking for the answers in life
You're never going to find them without the pain that comes from inside
Let it take its toll
Or are you going to fucking fold, like the coward you are?
I've watch you sink down so far
Look at us for pity

Your hands are left empty
Track Name: Withdrawl
Pure mist upon the borders of my blood stream
Bury the hollow man I am, weak
Growing old, but it will always be the same path
Loathing but still trying my best to fucking laugh

Your stains cover what's left of my sanity
Beaming but only able to feel vanity

Days spent / Months spent
Wasted by something I know won't change
Constantly reminded of the things I'll never be, and it will always remain that way

High Horse ; Up or falling down?
What's the fucking point of effort, when all is frowned upon?
Toil / Endeavors are all vain
The feel of soil
Thrown on my frame (x2)
Will bring exhilaration to my state

The fucked up part is knowing a person like you, raised a disappointment like me