Lion House - Drancy

by Work Ethic Records

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Jake Grogan
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Jake Grogan Great old school style emo. Hope to hear more from these guys. Favorite track: Support The Army; Not The Assholes.
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released July 22, 2014



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Work Ethic Records Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Support The Army; Not The Assholes
you said you'd move out west
Come back home as the man that I know
You already isolate yourself

Turn your cheek and close the door
Pack your bags and measure your rope

Tell me, was it hard for you?
Tell me, can you fucking hear me
Tell me, is this hard for you
Tell me, can you fucking hear me

Do you even care if this hurts us?
Am I just selfish?
I think we both know I can't celebrate your life choice.
(You yearn to hear us say, don't go please stay. So here it is, "Don't go!")

Track Name: Come Back With All Of Your Faculties
You're drowning like the others in brother hood. Corrupted. Pure.
Is it just me ruining everything?
Is it quiet now? As it's pressing down on you. That silhouette is dead, this is the end.
Track Name: "I'm all out of HP"
I can't move on that quickly.
I've never changed that fast.
Just two kids alone in one room.
Why did you leave, I'm so scared and bruised.
Back in the day, driving down the road, wishing the nights didn't grow old.
This was to be, my one true dream, just you and me.
Leave out your fucking heart.
We may never be friends.
Give back my heart.
I want this to end.
Track Name: Please Return My Daniel Johnston Record
You can't say I'm wrong when you're not here, not home.
I know that I'm not the son you wanted, but if you just came home. I could try to be. Just come back.
Just come back home.
Track Name: AGAPE? Fuck that, PHILOS.
hold your smug head high above everything. You shouldn't make me feel like this.
Friendly fire, it's what you do.
friendly fire, it's what you do. I've never thought to hard about what we were before today. I've never really thought to hard about what you were before today. Just know, I won't bury another friend because you're trapped in a phase.
(As I grow older, my heart grows colder. Do you remember how much I gave?And with each day, my arms give way trying forget those things that you say)
But the truth is, you're shit like me.