Blackhole - Deeper

by Blackhole

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released July 3, 2014



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Work Ethic Records Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Intro/Deeper
You fell into the hole
but how deep does it go?
last glimpse of light, fading from your mind


Been three years since you've hung up your boots,
got a good job, decent car too
Something's wrong, but you don't know what
maybe it's the life that you left in the mud.
I'm sure it's nothing, everything's fine,
why would anything be affecting your mind?
You got your shit straight, you're an adult!
What's in your head, is it your fault?

You're still kinda scared to death
all those people that you left
you can see them in your sleep,
but i'm sure you're just fine.
What else could you have done?
was this right? It might be wrong.
Do you think you see through yourself?
I can't see it.
But what can you work with now?
try and go on but don't know how
Messing up so much, that was all you knew.
Life completely straightened out
but what the hell happens now?
No where else to turn but deeper in .

Deeper into what?

Hide the past away inside you
Into the dark recesses of your mind
You know they'll be back to haunt you
Falling deeper into the blackhole

Your sleep tonight won't bring you piece
old ideas brooding inside your head
push it away keep your mind at ease.
Push it away. squelch it, choke it.
Track Name: Not Cool Enough
Can't get on your shows
Didn't make the right friends
Keep shutting us out
Because we don't, we'll never fit it

Not cool enough for you

Came here when I was just 14
Trying to get away from everything
I didn't know what I was running from would just keep fucking stalking me
they expect us to play their game, expect us to eat up their posturing.
superiority complexes on every face is all i see
I can't understand your attitude
This shit makes no sense to me

It's never been hard to play powerchords
Hardcore is easy, get off your high horse
You can't make a change looking down your nose
keep your social clubs, give us back our shows
Track Name: Keep Spitting
Can't control them
Forever fucked by Murphy's Law
Did I make this?
I guess it's no ones fault but mine

I did what they said, it didn't work out
looked good on paper but that didn't help
set up for failure from the start
spit it out, push back harder
one step forward, two steps back
always working hard and always strapped
I left and thought I'd be over this but the ground is still in need of my

Spit it out!

keep Spitting until we make it out
keep fighting until we make it out
hitting the rusty machine with this broken wrench until it works or it fucking breaks
I've given everything to this
what else do i even have to give?
No options left at 22
I've got a life full of fucking spit
Track Name: Art Extortion
You're telling me everything's going fine
but their not flexing their heads, they're not using their minds
they're still eating what you're still feeding
you're fat off your schemes and we're broke off your fines

Hold art hostage, theirs ransom to be paid
We're all friend till theirs money to be made
Not here cause you care, just here to sell
I hope the fucking show goes well

I wish they'd get wise
So you'd be out on your own
You know we're not gonna buy
Won't contribute a piece to your thrown
Track Name: Lost Sight, Start a Fight
Originally recorded on S/T tape, Ourblock Records 02